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Salary and Allawances

The financial department, in coordination with the academic department, provides financial services to scholarship students, and completes all financial procedures related to their studies in the United States of America and Canada, as follows:

  • Payment of salaries and allowances for sponsored students.

  • Pay the tuition fees incurred by sponsored students enrolled at English language institutes and universities that the Cultural office cooperates with.

  • Provide health insurance coverage for all sponsored students and their dependents.

  • Respond to the students’ inquiries regarding financial issues and assist them with proper advice and guidance regarding their financial concerns and how to organize and manage their personal expenses, as well as manage their personal accounts in banks.

Details of Travel Package allowance for US-sponsored students

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Details of Travel Package allowance for Canada-sponsored students

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Financial Allowances:

Sponsored students are entitled to receive the following:

a) Travel package or travel allowance - paid by the Ministry

b) Travel tickets - - disbursed by the Ministry

c) Monthly salary and allowances - paid through the Cultural Mission

d) Excess weight allowance or graduation dues - paid through the Cultural Mission

Each entry has a disbursal process that determines its value, for more details check the related links:

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