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Academic Services

Academic services:

Academic services are one of the main pillars of the Cultural Attaché’s mission. The Cultural Mission implements the scholarship terms set forth by the Ministry of Higher Education Scientific Research and Innovation in Oman, as well as the other sponsors in the Sultanate. The Cultural mission is responsible for students from the moment they arrive in the United States and Canada in terms of providing them with proper advice and guidance, as well as academic supervision and follow-up through their study period. The Cultural Attaché supports the development of student's abilities and encourages them to study in the summer period in a way that enables them to graduate on time.

Accordingly, the academic department is the cornerstone of the Cultural Office, and it bears full responsibility for supervising students, assisting them to overcome any difficulties they may face during the period of study in the United States and Canada, and ensuring they comply with the rules and laws of the country of study.


In the meantime, the Academic Services Department is a link between the scholarship department at the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation and the student or the universities.

Academic department duties:

  • Assist students to obtain academic admission from American universities recommended by the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, while the student himself completes the registration procedures, such as filling out the admission application and signing it to reserve the confidentiality of any personal information and to answer questions that only the student himself know.

  • Monitor the academic progress of the sponsored students by obtaining study reports from the universities in which they study and reporting development to the Ministry.

  • Issue financial guarantee supporting the student and letters to whom it may concern for scholarship students.

  • Communicate with scholarship students and meet them in person or virtually to recognize their needs and problems in an attempt to support a healthy academic atmosphere that can help them overcome any difficulties they may encounter during their study period.

  • Authenticate degrees issued by accredited universities in the United States of America and Canada and recommended by the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research, and Innovation.


Value of communication:

Continuous communication with the cultural division regarding different aspects of life in the country of study creates a sustainable communication channel between the students and their academic advisors. This channel guarantees that students obtain their rights and fulfill their duties under the scholarship laws. Therefore, the cultural office promotes the value of communication to ensure students receive the maximum benefits and avoid any unfavorable circumstances that may negatively affect the student's academic performance, especially in the areas listed below:

  • To understand the academic nature of the university and the educational system.

  • To understand the processes to file requests on the ministry's website (MOHE).

  • To review the student's study plan that lists his academic progress and expected completion date.

  • To inform the Cultural office of any developments or circumstances that may affect students’ academic progress, even if they are personal circumstances.

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