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Providing the support that Omani scholars in the United States of America and Canada need to ensure their success and distinction in their academic path, by providing the following:


• Support and encourage Omani scholars to get admitted into the best and most distinguished universities in their fields of study.

• Coach students on their rights and responsibilities so they provide a commendable model for the Omani expatriate student.

• Encourage students to excel and motivate them to develop their skills and talents to meet the competitive labor market.

• Monitor students’ academic performance and follow up periodically on students’ progress to ensure it’s in line with their study plan.

• Provide moral support to students, and nurture students events and activities across universities

• Define and explain the different processes for applying for scholarship requests at the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research, and Innovation

• Conclude agreements with highly ranked universities to facilitate the admission of Omani students in their specific majors

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