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Omani Student Associations in USA and Canada

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Omani Students Association at Portland State University
Hamam Al Dheeb
Omani Students Association at University of Nebraska
Faisal Al Badi
Omani Student Association at the University of Oklahoma
Qais Al Maqbali
Omani Student Association at Long Beach
Shathan Al Hinai
Omani students Association at University of Nebraska Omaha
Shikha Al Balushi
Omani student Association at Washington state university
Ahmed Al Busaidi
Omani Students Association at Kent State University
Shihab Al Jahwari
Omani Students Association at Penn State
Redha Alajmi
Omani Students Association at Arizona State University
Salim Al Siyabi
Oman students Association at West Virginia university
Omar Al Bahri
Omani Student Association at the University of Kentucky
Abdullah Al Hashmi
Omani students Association at Western Michigan University
Amna Al bulushi
Omani Students Association at Dalhousie University
Mundhir Al Bohri
Omani students Association at Oregon State University
Omar Al Saidi
Omani Students Association at Ohio university
Khalan Al Hinai
Omani Student Association at University of Minnesota
Ahmed Al Bahlani
Omani Students Association at Florida Institute of Technology
Yousuf Al Mandhari
Omani Students Association at University of Cincinnati
Muaadh Al Hamdi
Omani students Association at Ohio Dayton
Sultan Al Saadi

The Cultural Office encourages the formation and activation of student associations since they play a valuable role in defining the cultural heritage and modern achievements of the Sultanate of Oman and highlighting Omani traditions, in addition to their primary role in promoting social and recreational activities amongst its members at diaspora, they strengthen the bonds of brotherhood, deepen the spirit of cooperation among students and reinforce their national sense.


Initiating a student association requires the presence of a board of directors consisting of nine members, including the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, who are elected by the members of the association through a yearly individual election system, and those whose membership ends may be re-elected.


Associations are subject to the direct financial supervision of the Cultural Office if the following conditions are met:


• The association has a board of directors consisting of a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer to be elected by the members of the association (Omani students who joined the association).

• Association is officially registered at the university and the cultural office (funds are dispersed to registered associations only).

• Preferably, the number of association members should not be less than 40 Omani members.

• Attaining the official university's approval to establish the association and reporting approval to Cultural Office for approval.

Once the student association is established, a commitment must be made to form an organizational structure for the association.

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