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Student's Rights & Responsibilities

Student Rights:

The Cultural Office guarantees the sponsored Omani student has access to the following services according to the scholarship laws:

  • Academic support and advising through the scholarship period and until graduation, and degree authentication

  • Follow up and monitoring of academic progress through the academic advising team

  • Tuition and medical insurance coverage

  • Monthly living stipend and yearly allowances per the regulations

Student Obligations:

Omani sponsored students are expected to abide by the following obligations and excel in their academic studies while performing at their best to represent the Sultanate of Oman:

  • Student should register for at least 15 credit hours per semester or 30 credit hours per academic year in the semester-based system, and 45 credit hours per academic year in the quarter-based system

  • Student should comply with the regulations of his university, Homeland and Immigration regulations, the terms of his scholarship and the instructions of the Cultural office

  • Student should follow the university instructions and his academic program

  • Student should retain the major of his scholarship and refrain from any changes without MOHE approval

  • Student should consult with his academic advisor at cultural office prior to adding a major, adding a minor, dropping classes, or registering for online courses to follow the suitable process.

  • The student should advise his academic advisor of any change in his contacts, his bank account details or address

  • Provide his academic advisor with transcripts and study plans every semester

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