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Medical Insurance for USA Students

The Cultural Division offers comprehensive medical insurance coverage for Omani Sponsored students studying in the United States of America. Coverage starts upon their arrival and the start of their academic program and remains active till they complete their degree requirements and return to Oman.

As of September 1st, 2022, the Cultural Office has assigned Cigna Global as the Medical insurance provider for Omani students in the USA. The Cultural Division has provided the company with the list of subscribers and the coverage start date.

For more information on the coverage details, and how to register and download the app, please check the following link: Accessing Care in the United States and log in to the assigned portal OMAN CIGNA PORTAL

Below is a list of documents that can provide you with an explanation of the benefits that you would need for getting a mandatory university insurance waiver. (since medical insurance is mandatory for all students).

Vision Insurance for Omani students in the USA:


The medical insurance covers vision treatment and vision test once a year. In addition, the amount of 300$ is available towards prescription eyeglasses, provided consulting In-Network providers. In case of out of network providers,

The student has to pay first and then submit the claim to Cigna for reimbursement. 

Dental Insurance for USA students:


There is no dental coverage provided. However, the Cultural Office will reimburse the charges incurred by sponsored students who had dental procedures to match the ones performed in Oman under the medical health general insurance, which are:

1.      Tooth Extraction

2.      Regular Fillings

3.      Root Canal but crown is excluded


The refund will be processed provided the treatment plan covers one of the conditions above and is within the acceptable limits for such a procedure. The student will pay in advance and send the account ledger or statement of account provided by the dental office as well as the proof of payment for reimbursement.

For other services as Orthodonture or gum treatment, they are not eligible for refunds.

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