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Medical Insurance for Canadian Students

The Canadian Government offers most of the international students studying in Canada Medical Insurance coverage without requiring them to pay for any fees or monthly premiums.

Although this is a comprehensive coverage, it doesn’t cover some medical necessities as medications, lab tests and radiology work. Those necessities are covered by the Cultural Office if the governmental or the university coverage doesn’t provide them, according to the executive bylaws of the scholarship regulations that states that MOHE will be responsible for medical insurance coverage for the sponsored student in case no coverage is offered at the country of study.

Therefore, the Cultural Office encourages every Omani sponsored student in Canada to communicate with the office to inquire about any medical expenses they incurred, so they would be able to receive related refunds if found eligible according to the regulations set forth. Any requests require presenting proof of payment and supporting documents.


Exclusions include plastic surgery and all related medications or procedures, as well dental and vision treatments including exams and eyeglasses. Chronic diseases and injuries that occurred prior to insurance coverage are excluded, as well as non-urgent treatments (i.e. acne or birth control medications...etc)

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