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To the Cultural Attaché at the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in Washington

The education process is the cornerstone of the progress and advancement of people. The Sultanate of Oman has been always keen to build generations of citizens capable of building the state and facing regional and international challenges and developments by sending its students to all parts of the world to acquire education and knowledge and transfer various experiences to their homeland upon their return and contribute to the process of development of our beloved country.


The Omani Cultural Attaché follows up on the educational progress of our sponsored students to ensure that they graduate with the necessary competencies that meet the needs of the labor market in the Sultanate of Oman and contribute to the development process.


​The United States of America and Canada are among the most important destinations chosen by our government to receive our sponsored students for the high level of their educational institutions and their advanced international rankings as well as their known cultural and ethnic diversity. Since its establishment, the Cultural Office has provided the best services to sponsored students, recognized the difficulties they face, and assisted students in overcoming them, as well as built strong relationships with academic institutions and all entities that serve our sponsored students. The Cultural Office takes pride in contributing to graduating batches of students who are qualified to share their experiences in various fields in the Sultanate and help in the development of Oman’s future. We wish that the experience of studying abroad offers a rewarding opportunity to the people and expect they act as the best ambassadors and representatives of our dear country all over the world.


My dear students, your scholarship abroad is not only for education but also for acquiring various life skills and understanding the culture of the country. You must respect the laws and regulations of the country you are studying in and strive to acquire knowledge while representing the authentic image of Omanis.


On my behalf and on behalf of all the employees of the Cultural Office in Washington, I welcome sponsored students to study in the United States and Canada and wish you success. Please rest assured that the office is ready to help you when needed so you can focus on achieving higher ranks in your education. May God help you.

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Zaid Zabanoot, PhD

Cultural Attaché - Washington, D.C.

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